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Cappuccino: Prepared for all kinds of machines


Main features of our Cappuccinos

These products do not require mixing and are prepared for all types of automatic machines. Their appearance, flavour and good dosing means that customers have one alternative more to choose from among the usual products such as coffee with milk or hot chocolate.

New flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel and Irish.

All these products together with Vendin’s Toffee make up the most extensive range on the market in terms of variety and flavour.

Main benefits

  • Unique flavors to satisfy cappuccino lovers.
  • A young target audience concerned about new flavours.
  • Possibility of higher margin on sales of drinks.
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For the more daring, one more alternative

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Product details

REFERENCE 20582 20583 20584 20585 20414
Net weight bag 1.000 g. 1.000 g. 1.000 g. 1.000 g. 500 g.
Bags per box 10 10 10 10 20
Net weight box 10 kg. 10 kg. 10 kg. 10 kg. 10 kg.
Kilos per palet 550 kg. 550 kg. 550 kg. 550 kg. 320 kg.
Box per palet 55 55 55 55 32
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